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How to position your package?

Stop Hurting Your Junk

How to position your package

You can put the penis in ay direction as it hardly matters. The thing that matters is the underwear should not be tight to create unnecessary bend during an erection. You should also avoid wearing underwear at bed time as it affects the penis shape most.

Stop Hurting Your Junk

  • Wearing underwear that is too tight is bad for the boys — regardless of underwear style, if your underwear is too high and tight, your sperm count can be affected. Your scrotum’s job is to keep your testicles at a specific temperature thus keeping your sperm warm or cool. If your underwear is too tight, your scrotum can’t do its job, nobody wants a malfunctioning scrotum!

  • Wearing sweaty and baggy underwear — wearing boxers is the worst because the extra fabric gets bunched up and they offer zero support. Chaffed Mr. from your junk rubbing is not fun! Nor is being hot and sweaty.

  • Going commando — zero support. Plus the danger here is you can zip up your junk and your pants end up smelling like balls without any underwear!

  • Too short underwear — if you have larger thighs with short underwear, chaffing can occur. Not to mention, the constant irritation is uncomfortable. Wear underwear a little longer in the leg.

  • Wearing underwear to bed — you need to let the bad boys breathe at night so let them be free.

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