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Bullets and Eggs the Good Type

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

What are Bullet Vibrators?

Bullet vibrators and eggs are small, powerful battery operated vibrators that are usually used for clitoral stimulation. Often they also come with multi frequency vibration modes and generally are waterproof. Because of their mini size and easy to use shape, they're a great choice as a first time sex toy. Bullet vibes are some of the quietest vibrators on the market and a great choice for those who want a discreet sex toy.

They’re also perfect for couples as they can be used during foreplay to explore erogenous zones other than the clitoris - like the nipples, perineum and anus. If you are starting out looking for a sex toy then this would be a great choice, or for seasoned professionals get one to spice up you foreplay. These are unisex adult toys so guys and girls give one a try.

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Mini strong bullet vibrator

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