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Celebrate May Masturbation Month

Give Yourself A Hand This Masturbation Month

Celebrate May Masturbation Month

May Masturbation Month was first launched in May 1995 by a San Francisco-based Sex Toy company to celebrate self-service. The month was designed to challenge stigmas about masturbation and make people more accepting of this completely natural and safe sexual practice.

We have come quite far in the years since National Masturbation Month was founded. There is very sex positive websites and Blogs, not to mention people now freely talk about the subject on social media and in person. Unfortunately there are still many people who have remained conservative around sexuality, Sex Toys, anti-masturbation, anti- LGBTQ and triggered about gender role issues, but with more attention being brought to the subject, this is slowly changing.

May Masturbation Month

For the vast majority masturbation has taken on a whole new level of importance in their lives. Some people masturbate instead of having sex with other people or use porn as a way to power masturbation, in our opinion this is fine as it is all about self-pleasure. What they are doing is watching sexy stuff and finding an excitement response to it. Oh, being a Sex Store we will take this one step further, any job where you get to masturbate on the clock is a good job! So for all the conservative people out there, chill, relax and rub one out this May!

More and more people that haven’t thought about using sex toys before are exploring with them and adding new tricks to their sex lives. Masturbation and Sex Toys have therefore begun to take on a whole new level of importance, people are getting into it who didn’t think it was an important part of their sex life before, and the people who were already into masturbation have probably decided that they want to try it in new, different ways, and picked up some new adult toys to match that desire.

Male May Masturbation Month

Our hope this Masturbation May is for everyone to understand that masturbation is such a natural phenomenon and for most people, a very positive one that brings a lot to them. It brings relaxation and pain relief and keeps their genitals in working order so to speak, masturbation is part of a healthy, happy life. This public service message is brought to you by Moodtime Online so celebrate May Masturbation Month and rub one out.

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