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Enticing Fantasy Dildos in South Africa

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

The Best Dragon, Alien and Tentacle Probes and Dildos

Fantasy Unworldly Silicone Dildos | Moodtime

Experience erotic fantasy and adventurous world with one of our Dragon Dildos, Alien Cocks or Tentacle Probes! Dildos designed with inspiration from dragons and monsters of our nightmares. These fantasy dildos are a beautiful and unique Sex Toy. It will fill you out and give you tantalizing and arousing experiences with their unique shapes.

These dildos are for everyone with their enchanting design offering you an adventurous orgasm you will remember. Read on to get the best out of your fantasy dildo.

Fantasy Unworldly Silicone Dildo | Moodtime

Adventurous Fantasy Orgasms

The dragon dildos, alien anal probes and tentacles have a naughty and stimulating texture along the shaft that will give you a whole new kind of pleasure. The grooves, nubs and shape are different from the Classic Dildo and from a real penis. These will hit new zones and points offering you amazing pleasure. At the same time, the size is also perfect so you can get the nice feeling of being filled! When you are completely filled, you get the advantage of being able to feel every detail on the shaft when it is thrust in and out.

If you are one of those dildo lovers who can’t get enough then these dragons’ dildos and alien probe Sex Toys can really give you what you want. Take your solo or couple play to a new level of enjoyment and go on an adventure with these fantasy dildos.

Alien Probe Fantasy Unworldly Silicone Dildo |  moodTime

Enchanting Stimulating Sex Toy Design

Not only can fantasy dildos give you adventurous orgasms, they are also so beautifully designed that they could almost look like pieces of art. Let yourself be seduced by the inviting colours and patterns that come sliding down the shaft for maximum experience. They however are not just beautiful these are Dildos created in a beautiful and stimulating design. They bring a world of sex where everything is possible and where everyday life can be avoided, you will experience amazing and intense orgasms.

Tentacle Probe Fantasy Unworldly Silicone Dildo | moodTime

Fantasy Dildos For Everyone

Fantasy dragons come in many different shapes and sizes, there will be one for everyone, whether you are a man, woman or couple, you can find a Dragon Dildo or alien anal probe that suits your needs. These dragon dildos are also developed for anal use. Bending on the shaft is precisely developed for the best possible anal stimulation. If you have practiced with a normal and want to try one of the other Dildos for anal use, you can also easily do so. The balls and flared base makes them safe for anal use. The shaft curve slightly and there is a sexy tip at the end of the shaft for easy insertion and amazing prostate stimulation.

Dark Desire Devil Penis Silicone Anal Prostate Massager | moodTime

Always make sure to use plenty water based lube for the best experience especially if you are in the process of training yourself to be filled to the max, both anal and vaginal! Just remember NOT to use silicone-based lubricant for dildos made of silicone this is because it can ruin the outer layer of your Sex Toy.

Find a good water-based lube and use too much rather than too little! If you want to increase the intensity or want to experiment further, you can use a Water-Based Lubricant with a cooling or warming effect. Remember to only use water based or an Anal Hybrid Lubricant on sex toys as silicone lubricant can damage the finish of a silicone sex toy.

Devil Tongue Fantasy Dildo | Moodtime

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Dragon Fantasy Unworldly Silicone Dildo | moodTime

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