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Exposing the Truth: What is Exhibitionism?

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

What Is Exhibitionism?

Exposing Penis Feet Socks

Exhibitionism is one of the most common of kinks, and one that tends to get a very bad rap. When we hear the term ‘exhibitionist’ we tend to conjure up the mental image of a dirty old flasher in a long trench coat, but we’d like to expose you to the truth of what exhibitionism is really all about.

‘Exhibitionism’ is a broad term that generally refers to everything from having sex outside to exposing yourself to other people in public. While there are different degrees to exhibitionism like the naughty, but situation appropriate act of skinny dipping on an isolated beach or in your swimming pool or to having sex in a park or on your balcony or near an open window. Some people get pleasure from the shocked reaction when they expose themselves to unwitting strangers, this is not consensual so please DO NOT do this. However, there are also plenty more people who enjoy consent based sexual acts that we would classify as exhibitionist.

Park sex

What’s the Sexual Appeal of Exhibitionism?

Half the appeal of this kinky naughty behaviour is the idea that you might get caught, and that is the thrill that many people can relate to when it comes to having sex someplace you shouldn’t. Your blood will pound and your senses will get heightened when you’re being wary of being discovered, whether it’s in the supply closet of your office after hours or you and your partner have found a quiet road to try out some new car sex positions.

How Can I Explore Exhibitionism?

The key to exploring your fetish for exhibitionism is the same as any other kink. You need to make sure it stays safe, sane, and consensual. That means that if you get a thrill from flashing someone and revealing that you aren’t wearing any underwear, make sure you aren’t involving anyone that doesn’t want to be part of that play. Nothing will ruin the mood more than you being arrested! The legality of having sex in public can depend on where you live and the circumstances surrounding the act but generally as long as there was a reasonable expectation of privacy you should be fine. We would suggest keep it on your private property.

Park Sex Statues

There is another way to explore exhibitionism that is a thoroughly modern outlet. Through taking sexy selfies, recording short videos or engaging in online sex, you can experience the same thrill of showing yourself off from the comfort of your own home­, remember practicing safe sex keeping your content secure, of course, again ensure it is consensual!

Explore Exhibitionism With Sex Toys

At moodTime we are all about sex toys and there are several discreet adult toys that you can use in public, both of the battery-free and the remote control variety. Such as Wireless Butt Plugs and Wireless Kegel Balls, but the ultimate would be any wireless remote control sex toy such as Wireless Remote Control Bullet Egg.

Wireless Prostate Massager

There is also USB connection sex toys such as vibrators or USB Bullet Eggs just plug the USB into your phone or power bank and enjoys a sneaky public orgasm without anyone knowing.

Wireless Kegel Ball

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