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Guessing Your Personality By The Way You Smoke Weed

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

What does they way you use smoking pipes say about you?

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Okay, so for a bit of fun, we decided to put our shrink caps on and try out a little Psychology 101 to figure out if we can guess your personality based on the method you use to enjoy your ganja. There are tons of different ways to smoke weed but we’re looking at this from a recreational home use perspective only. Therefore, you medical marijuana patients are exempt from this little psych experiment. We also pretty much bypassed edibles because that’s a whole area unto itself. So, lets get right into it and attempt to determine what your preferred method of smoking says about you.

1. Standard Hand Pipe - The Conservative

Standard Smoking Hand Pipe

We’ll start simple with your standard, reliable hand pipe. While this seems like the easiest place to begin, spoon pipes in general are so popular that it makes it difficult to actually pinpoint what type of person would choose one as their preferred smoking piece. Probably all of us have had a hand pipe at some point. But keep in mind that we’re asking what type of person chooses a hand pipe out of all of the different ways to smoke weed. Here we find the portrait of a very casual stoner, the type that maybe only likes to smoke a bit here and there, probably on Friday night or over the weekend. You can expect some conservative tastes from the hand pipe smokers, they don’t want to spend a lot of cash on getting stoned or invest much in the experience in general. That means they want a quick, straightforward hit without any hassles or commitment.

2. Sherlock Pipe - The Bohemian

sherlock silicone smoking pipe

Hipsters love sherlock pipes! The Sherlock is a type of hand pipe that puts the style back in smoking. When you imagine the type of person that smokes out of a Sherlock pipe, you can almost feel the moustache wax. While this smoker is laid back, s/he also loves deep thought ala the pipe’s namesake. Yes, the Sherlock pipe is the smoke piece of choice for eccentric philosophers and problem solvers.

3. Bubbler Pipe - Surprisingly Serious

bubbler smoking bong

College students and busy professionals love bubblers. The bubbler is another tough pipe difficult to peg to any one type of person. However, despite its playful, poppy name, the bubbler is a solitary smoking pipe meaning it may be favourable to the lone wolf. It’s similar to a standard hand pipe in its simplicity yet often produces smoother hits so there’s a bit more refinement. Because of this, you could easily find this being a favourite among serious college students and young professionals alike.

4. Water Pipe - For the Pot Paramours

water pipe smoking bong

The portrait of a person who prefers water pipes or bongs out of other different ways to smoke weed. A lot of smokers recount their love for Mary Jane as love at first toke. Hand pipes aren’t enough to pay homage to the muse and they quickly graduate to a water pipe. Not all water pipes are created equal but we can assume anyone investing in one, no matter the quality, has achieved the level of serious stoner. Of all the different ways to smoke weed, the water pipe is one of the most versatile options, appealing to party monsters and Saturday night couch guardians alike. But there is a unifying factor here, those who choose a water pipe bong are not having a casual fling with Mary Jane. They’re in love.

5. Glass Chillum - Quickie On The Go

glass  pipe

Chillums are a type of hand pipe simple in design and affordable. They feature a straight shot from the bowl to the mouthpiece and typically lack a carb. These small pipes are perfect for those looking for a convenient on-the-go piece that can easily fit into a pipe case, pocket or purse. These are more popular with a casual Stoner wanting a quick hit or a "Pick me up" around 4:20.

6. Rolled Cigarette - The Original Classic

blunt roller

Classic stoners are most likely to roll their own joints. Sometimes you just can not mess with a classic. There are so many different ways to smoke weed that sometimes the best option is to just go back to the source. That’s why rolling up is still often the preferred method of hippies and classic OG stoners. These laid back lifers have perfected the art of the roll. Sometimes, it seems like they’re a dying breed but will we ever actually see the last days of the joint? Doubtful. Of course, with the majority of adults in the S.A. admitting to smoking marijuana, calling this kind of profiling a generalization is a bit of an understatement.

It seems that there are almost as many different ways to smoke weed as there are people who smoke it.

smoking weed leaf

We would love to hear from you.... how accurate was our personality guesses based on the method you use to enjoy your week?

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