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Kegels & The Secret To Better Sex

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Kegel exercises for better sex? The secret is out!

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We always hear about the many health benefits of pelvic floor exercises but did you know that they can also help you have better and more pleasurable sex, thereby improving your sex life.

Kegel exercises as they are known today were developed in the 1940s and recommended by gynaecologist Dr. Arnold Kegel. At the time it was recommended that women recovering from childbirth exercise their pelvic floor to prevent future health problems. However, in follow-up examinations he soon quickly discovered a very exciting side-effect to the treatment: patients doing Kegel exercises regularly were achieving orgasm more easily, more frequently, and more intensely. At the time they were designed as a medical device but they quickly became part of sex toy catalogues everywhere. They are now categorized as sex toys as not only do they improve sexual health but also bring the wearer pleasure through the movement of the inner balls or through vibration from the once with incorporate this feature.

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How Does Kegel Exercise Work

The muscles you strengthen during Kegel exercise is know as the pubococcygeus. These are some of the muscles that contract during orgasm, so strengthening and toning them enhances the sensations and makes it easier to reach climax. Not only this, but there are numerous benefits of orgasms, from beating stress to boosting the immune system, so having more and better orgasms can only be a plus! Stronger pelvic muscles also mean a tighter and toned vagina – so both you and your partner will feel more intense sensations during sex.

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Make Kegel Exercise A Couple’s Activity

Kegel exercises don’t have to be limited to your own private workout – think about getting your partner involved. What fun ways can you think of to use Kegels together? Show your partner your progress by tightening your muscles around their finger during foreplay. Integrate it into intercourse to give both you and your partner a little thrill. If it felt good to squeeze during sex before you started Kegel exercises just imagine how much more enjoyable it will be once you’ve been toning those muscles for a few weeks.

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Kegel Exercise Basics

If you’re looking to enhance your routine, Kegel exercisers are the perfect solution for many reasons. They’re usually small, hollow balls with a weight inside.

The Kegel balls are inserted into the vagina, and held using the strength of your pelvic muscles. To really work your pelvic floor, you should follow a routine of contraction and release but when not following a specific training routine. As you become stronger down there upgrade to a more heavier Kegel ball. Kegel balls can also be used for some fun and foreplay before sex.

When your muscles are stronger from exercising you’ll be able to hold the balls in place while standing, doing things around the house, or even go out while wearing them! The weights inside the balls will shift and bounce as you move, stimulating this sensitive area and creating more blood flow. The balls will create both physical arousal and anticipation for what happens when you get home. It’s like your own secret bit of foreplay.

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What Are You Waiting For?

As you can see, Kegel exercises complement and enhance sex. Adding a boost to your sex life, they will increase vaginal sensation and sensitivity, and give you improved and more intense orgasms. Kegel exercises are something every woman should do, and every lady should own at least one Kegel Toy, visit our online store to see what’s available.

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