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Male Chastity is one of the Trendiest Fetishes

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Lock your cock

Moodtime Cock Cages Trendiest BDSM fetishes or kinks

Trendiest BDSM fetishes or kinks

Male chastity is currently one of the trendiest BDSM fetishes or kinks for straight and gay men at the moment. Briefly male chastity is the practice of wearing a chastity cage over your penis that is specially designed to prevent you from getting full erections or using your penis for sex thereby enforcing submission and orgasm denial which is a form of BDSM.

Sexy underwear and black moodtime chastity cage

Appeal of wearing a male chastity cage

What is the kink or appeal of wearing a cage over your dick?

While locked up, you can't masturbate or orgasm, and the cage can only be removed by your designated "keyholder". The thought of this makes some men cringe but it makes others whimper with excitement also if you are into kinky sensory play you will enjoy chastity, there is a feeling of enclosure with every part or your cock completely encased and locked up.

Man wearing metal chastity cock cage

Chastity men say it is exciting

Most chastity men say it is kind of exciting especially at first as every movement you make makes you to think about your useless cock all locked up and you can not touch or use it. It also forces you to sit down to pee, ladies will like this as there will be no more open toilet seats. Whilst your cock is locked up you realize that you can not have a full erection and your only chance of ejaculation is through manual stimulation or penetration when unlocked by your keyholder.

Chastity cock cage gay open front underwear

Chastity play is a whole lot more fun with someone else in control, the keyholder makes all the decisions for you. Much of the fun comes from denying yourself masturbation and not ejaculating either until you get a hand job or blowjob from your master or keyholder. In short, if your girlfriend or boyfriend made you promise to never touch yourself when they are away and you both agreed that they own your cock and they can decide how and when it gets used then a chastity cage is a great addition to your sex life.

The feeling of the cage around your cock is a constant reminder your partner owns it and the more aroused you get, the more you are reminded of this. It makes you feel closer to your partner and it is incredibly erotic and simultaneously intimate. Male chastity fetish coupled with orgasm denial can take a couple to a place of romantic intimacy that is reserved for only a few select couples that have the courage to venture down this provocative and kinky path.

Resin and Plastic Cock Cages
Metal Mens Chastity Cage Selection

Chastity Cock Cage Materials

Chastity cock cages come in a variety of different materials so there are lots of options to suite you. The most common materials that the cock cages come is metal, silicone, resin and hard plastic. Each of these materials does have their own benefits to the user but most of the time your keyholder will choose whichever for you that they like the best.

Plastic and resin male chastity cages

Plastic and Resin are usually the most lightweight, because of this they are recommended for chastity beginners as they tend to be more comfortable than some of the heavier options, so they open the door to getting used to wearing a chastity cage. Also should there be a need to remove the cage without the key, they can be easily clipped or broken open.

Clear Plastic Chastity Cage Cock Cage

Plastic lightweight beginners cock cage

Silicone cock cages

Silicone chastity cages are slightly heavier but they come with the added benefit of being much softer so this makes them a real joy to wear. Silicone is also much better at retaining heat so it will help keep your penis warm if you are going commando with your chastity cage. Silicone can also be cut with scissors so in emergencies it should not be much of a problem with this material.

Black Resin Chastiity Cock Cage

Metal, silicone, resin and hard plastic cock cages are easy to keep clean

Metal male chastity cages

Metal chastity is probably the most common material used in cock cages. It is much heavier than the others, so you will usually always be able to feel the weight of it pulling on your penis and balls which some men like. Metal cages can however also present a few problems such as when the lock bang against the cage whiles you move around producing a clinking sound. They also will set off metal detectors, so will need to be removed any time you go through a security check. In any emergency situations, or if you break or lose your key getting a metal cage off will be much more difficult and usually require wire cutters.

male metal chastity cage

Stainless Steel Chastity Device

Can you use other sex toys together with a chastity cage?

Of course! Here at moodTime, we are all about sex toys, and fully exploring every single aspect of your sexuality so we always encourage customers to expand their limits with sex toys. So even if you have decided that you dig chastity cock cages it doesn't mean that you can use other sex toys at the same time.

Man wearing cock cage and strap on dildo

Chastity with strap-on dildo

What sex toys go well with a chastity cage?

Not quite sure where to get started we have some ideas to get your frustrated, locked-up cock stirring within it’s locked up confines. One adult to that is a must is a butt plug to pair with it. Chastity also pairs perfectly with restraint and BDSM such as a set of nipple clamps or nipple suckers. For the lady keyholders, there is an array of strap-on dildos which will let your tease your locked up man's ass or revers it and let him pleasure you with the strap on dildo while he is safely locked up.

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