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Men’s Underwear Done Right, Know These Mistakes!

Best underwear tips for dudes wanting to look hot

underwear tips for dudes

When it comes to men’s underwear size and comfort zone matter a lot but there is some other no-no’s that you should be aware of! These are not life-changing undie errors and may be no-no’s in general but hey they can also be yes yes’s for others when it comes to men’s underwear.

Enjoy your underwear shopping and take your time

The very first mistake that guys frequently make when purchasing their underwear is jumping straight to conclusions while making decisions. Most men do not enjoy shopping, so they tend to buy the first item that catches their attention. A tightly whitie looks comfortable and is easy since there is very little choice but is it the best option, and how will it look, will it show off your features and bulge? Prioritize your men’s underwear style and colour selection before focusing on other aspects like size, fabric, texture, design, cuts, and more.

Avoid old, dirty or same style underwear repetition

You could not possibly feel hot and sexy by only wearing one pair of men’s thong underwear or brief daily, oh and best avoid wearing the same men’s underwear day after day. There are a lot of reasons to stay away from it, including odour, urine, and stains. If you truly want to experience the fresh and sexy sensation, change your sexy underwear and style every day without fail.

Avoid old, dirty or same style underwear

Stack over your aged pairs with new ones

Do not just stuff your underwear drawer full and lose sight of all what you have, you will just get into the habit of wearing the top ones over and over. Make the most of your weekend by organizing your closet and keeping just the pairs you currently use.

Avoid same styles and underwear repetition

Showing off your pubic forest

Men should be familiar with manscaping especially if you wear skimpy or tight fitting underwear such as thongs or jockstraps. Cleaning up and trimming your hairy pubic region allows you to wear something more revealing, like a male jockstrap or thong for men. You need to take action to showcase the attractive you, whether that means shaving or trimming. It would look rather weird wearing a thong or jockstrap with a bush bursting out from all sides.

Showing off your pubic forest

Showing off your underwear’s waistband

In the past, prisoners who wished to engage in physical contact with their fellow inmates would expose their underwear waistbands as an undercover signal, hint, hint, wink, wink. At the same time many men began to show off their underwear waistbands in low-waist jeans without even being aware of this. The 90's craze for those who remember this infamous trend of men giving a peek-a-boo of their underwear straps by wearing perilously low-slung trousers or jeans and it was a rage back then.

Generally, people really don’t want to see other people’s underwear unless you’re actively pursuing a sexual encounter with that person or if you are a guy trying to attract other guys. Nevertheless, men who still flaunt this fashion is once again growing, flashing your underwear waist strap is becoming cool again.

It seems the trend is back with a bang as a lot of fashion editorials and designer campaigns are styling their models by showing a hint of their underwear strap from the waist of their pants. But unlike the 90's trend where the dudes would flaunt the logo of their underwear, now it is more about flashing contrasting colours with interesting prints and designs. Please remember though it is only cool as long as the underwear is sexy, has cool colours and most importantly goes well with the rest of the outfit so before you jump onto the bandwagon and follow this trend, you should know the right way to do it since you wouldn't want to be the butt of jokes.

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