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Personal Lubricants - how to choose….

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

The different types of personal lubricants and their uses

silicone based sex lubricant

Personal lubrication is important as it adds to pleasure-enhancing sex and also adds to the comfort of penetration – with fingers, toys or a penis. Lubrication is also used to enhance sensation and sensitivity during masturbation. Keep the Vaseline for hand jobs and away from sex toys! Read on to find out more.

Quality Personal Lubricant

There are three different types of personal lubricants

1. Oil based lubricant

Not compatible with latex condoms – they dissolve them! Also difficult to clean and can stain bedding. This is also not good to use with silicone and jelly sex toys as they can damage the finish. Oil based lubricant is best suited for tried and tested solo hand jobs only!

2. Silicone based lubricant

Can't be used with any sex toys containing silicon or jelly material as it can bond to the material and damage the surface. Silicone based lubricant is great for glass and metal sex toys. It is also the preferred lube when it comes to anal sex as it is super slick and long lasting.

3. Water based lubricant

Safe with condoms, contain no oils and are easy to clean and does not stain. Water based personal lube is ideal for use with all sex toys. At Moodtime we recommend using water-based lubricants with all toys.

Sensual Cannabis Lubricant 50ml

The lubricant brands we offer to our customers are the best sex toy lubricants and best anal lubricant and delivers high levels of sensation enhancement and provides a slippery, slick sensation for longer as well as greatly enhancing foreplay. Most importantly to us at moodtime they facilitate the use of sex toys and enhance they pleasure they give. We have Original, Spearmint, Strawberry, Tropical, Chocolate and Passion Fruit flavours and CBD infused water based lubes and we also have a great silicone based lube.

# Wet, Slippery & Slick!

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