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Why we think Water Based Lubricant is the best lube option

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Water Based Lubes are most compatible with all Sex Toys

Water based Lube, Sex Lubrication | moodTIme

A water based personal lubricant is a product designed to reduce friction during foreplay, intercourse and masturbation. Personal lube is very important as it adds to sexual pleasure enhancing sex and also adds to the comfort of penetration – with fingers, sex toys or a penis. Lubrication is also used to enhance sensation and sensitivity during masturbation leading to more intense orgasms. Water-Based Lubricant is a good versatile lube and is the best when it comes to all applications. It works in every situation; water-based lube also has the most variety and options.

Water based lube comes in a variety of flavours such as strawberry, mint, passion fruit, tropical, chocolate and CBD infused.

Lubricants may have silicone or oil as their key ingredients instead of water. These products are known as "silicone based" and "oil based" lubricants. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. This makes it important that you understand the differences before you select a personal lubricant.

Silicone lube is better for masturbation and anal sex as it is super slippery but it can damage certain silicone or jelly based sex toys as it is harder to clean off off them. Water based in compatible with all sex toys.

Some facts about water based lubricant

  • The main ingredient is water or aloe

  • It feels cool on the skin but may get a little sticky after a while as it dries

  • It is a very slippery lube but it also tends to dry up but can be easily reactivated by adding water or saliva

  • Most common lube type used for vaginal intercourse and it is the best lube for anal sex and masturbation

  • It offers the most variety of flavours so it is also the best option for oral sex

  • It washes from the body very quickly and easily

  • It does not stain or damage clothing or bedding

  • Water based lube is compatible with all sex toys which it why we recommend it

  • Water based lube is compatible with latex condoms, making safe sex even safer

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