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Quick Guide to Prostate Massage

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Hit the male P-Spot and achieve multiple Male Orgasms

Moodtime prostate sex toys

So what is the Prostate Gland?

This area is also known as the P-Spot or the male G-Spot, yes it is not only the ladies who have a special spot. The prostate gland is a muscular organ tucked between the bladder and penis. The prostate gland secretes and helps control the flow of prostatic fluid, which makes up about one third of semen. This gland and muscle is also responsible for those blissful contractions you feel during orgasm when you cum. These contractions are thanks to the prostate gland and the muscles surrounding it. During ejaculation, the muscles squeeze tight and release, sending sperm carrying prostate fluid or cum along the urethra and out through the tip of the penis.

Moodtime prostate sex toys

Why would you want to massage the Prostate?

For pleasure of course! Stimulating the prostate, aside from feeling really good, can trigger orgasm all by itself. Stimulating the prostate also results in more intense, focused orgasms. Because stimulating the Male P-Spot mimics the contractions of pre-orgasm, which might ‘trick’ the body into releasing the pleasure causing hormones and sensations associated with orgasm. Like the G-Spot in women, the prostate (also known as the P-spot) contains a lot of nerve endings. This means it is an area that is extremely sensitive to stimulation and can lead to climax within men when stimulated or massaged. Compared to stimulating the penis, stimulating the prostate can lead to more intense and full body orgasms. It can also result in the guy experiencing multiple orgasms. Therefore, using a Prostate Toy is the perfect way to receive more intense and exciting climaxes.

USB Charging Wireless Prostate Vibrator for Men - Smooth | moodTime

Getting started with P-Spot Stimulation

If you are interested in getting started make the introduction to prostate stimulation by using something most of us have handy - a finger! You might be more comfortable trying these steps out solo, but feel free to get your partner involved if they are willing. Get squeaky clean, get in the mood, grab lots of Lube and slather it on, get it all around your anal opening, Silicone Based Lube works best here, but Water Based Lube is also fine, then assume the position. Slowly insert a finger. When you have made it inside, gently curl your finger up, pressing toward your belly button. You should feel a walnut sized swell. That’s the prostate gland. Stroke, rub or circle it with the pad of your finger. Note what feels good and what doesn’t. Experiment and enjoy and maybe have a P-Spot orgasm!

Cock Ring and Anal Prostate Massager Combo | moodTime

Are there adult toys to use for P Spot massage?

Yip, there are plenty of Sex Toys you can take full advantage of. A good prostate massager will be angled or curvy to match the curves of the anal canal. There will also usually be a nice big base or handle to help guard against too deep penetration. Prostate Toys are not only able to be used for masturbation, but they are perfect for gay and straight couples. As you can use them without hands, they are perfect to use during foreplay or sex and are a low-effort way to pleasure your partner. These Adult Toys can even lead to a hands free orgasm.

Cock Ring and Anal Prostate Massager Combo | moodTime

Different Types of Prostate Toys

There are plenty of different Prostate Toys on the market. Prostate massagers can come in lots of different sizes and are made of an array of different materials including glass, steel or silicone. It’s generally best to stay away from anything made of jelly as it is porous and means there’s an increased chance that bacteria can grow inside the toy. Prostate massagers can be non-vibrating or vibrating and can even be beaded like anal beads. At MoodTime we have a very big selection of the best prostate Sex Toys available so browse through our selection of adult toys now. All of our sex toys are shipped out from our office in Durban, South Africa. Prostate Massagers are a fantastic way for guys to experience intense, full body orgasms. With a variety of different shapes and materials, there is a prostate toy for everyone! Just remember to take your time and enjoy the ride.

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