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The Benefits Of Using A Penis Pump

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

7 questions to ask when purchasing a penis pump

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No matter where you first heard about a penis pump (probably the Austin Powers movie) they aren’t a sex toy that gets a lot of attention. You probably know more about penis strokers and cock sleeves than you do about penis pumps. Because of this it’s easier to buy something that won’t work for your needs or give you what you want. Before you buy your first penis pump, here are some important questions you need to ask yourself to make sure you choose the right one for you.

What do you want the penis pump to do?

We don’t mean do the dishes but other than the obvious “pump your penis”, what are you trying to accomplish with your new penis pump? There are plenty of reasons to use one, but your “why” may determine what kind you buy.

Do you want pure sensation?

Any penis pump that fits your shaft should work, some also come with pussy attachments or vibrating eggs to not only suck but also vibrate.

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Looking for a temporary size increase?

Go with something with a lot of suction power but remember penis pumps can’t really permanently increase you size drastically, but your penis pump will offer limited size increase in length and girth.

Will you play with your penis pump alone or with a partner?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question, but it might determine what kind of penis pump you buy. A manual pump will be a more discreet option while a powered pump will be noisier, but may also offer a “remote” that your partner can control. One word of caution, if your plan is to use your penis pump in secret and then “surprise” your partner with a bigger erection, they’re going to notice. It’s much better to talk about using a penis pump, even if you prefer to use it privately.

Are you using your penis pump in the shower?

If you plan to use your penis pump in the shower, look for one made specifically for that kind of play. The Hydromax X20 or X30 is perfect for water fun and pleasure. While many people who use a penis pump focus on the penis enlargement aspect, using it for extra sexual pleasure and sensation is a great way to enjoy it. Playing in the shower means you’ll get the sensitivity and engorgement you want with more sensational orgasm and that clean-up will be super easy and convenient.

Penis Pump Erection Enhancer

Is this penis pump safe?

Anything that can potentially cut off blood flow or circulation has some risk associated with it. Penis pumps are no different. When you’re shopping for a new pump, make sure the model you choose includes a safety valve. You need an easy way to turn off the suction and allow the blood to flow naturally in and out of your shaft again. None of us ever think anything will go wrong when we use a sex toy, but it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry later. All our penis pumps come with a safety release valve and easy pull off pipe should this not work.

Do you need anything else besides your penis pump?

Buying a penis pump is only part of the purchase process. There is two other things you may need to get the best out of your Penis Pump, it is optional but worth the extra expense.

Personal Lubricant

You definitely need lube when you use your penis pump. Applying lubricant at the base of your shaft and around the opening to your pump will make sure you’re comfortable during pumping. Lubricate you penis as well and it will slide nicely against the pump as it grows to its full potential. Not having lube could create friction. Lube also increases sensation and pleasure.

Cock Rings

While not a requirement when you use a penis pump, they make a nice addition to the fun. By adding a cock ring, you can maintain your enhanced erection even longer as the blood is now “trapped” (temporarily) in your cock shaft. Cock rings produce more explosive pleasure, so when you do finally orgasm, it’ll be more intense and bigger than you’re used to.

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