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The Best Cannabis Smoking Accessories Collection

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Cannabis Accessories South Africa - Some of our favourites

Moodtime Best Cannabis Smoking Accessories Collection

Get in the mood and indulge in some relaxation. We offer the best essential range of quality smoking accessories and paraphernalia in South Africa and all orders are shipped from our Durban based office. Our range includes smoking pipes, bubblers, bongs, grinders, rolling machines, rolling trays, rolling paper, filter tips as well as other cannabis related items.

1. Weed Bud Grinders

Moodtime Weed Grinders

Weed grinders do exactly what their name says, grinding up your amazing buds to that perfect size for rolling and smoking and cut smoking preparation time down significantly. Weed grinders come in a variety of sizes and colours and styles anywhere from two pieces to four pieces. The teeth inside of the grinder chop and grind your weed and then screens keep any impurities out. Our favourite is the weed grinder with mill and pollen collector. This is a four chamber grinder for the seasoned stoner, but then again if you are a beginner it is most certainly worth your time to rather just go ahead and get a premium grinder to start with. It has sharp teeth to shred and grind you bud being ground up while a fine mesh screen below the grinding chamber captures the precious weed pieces. To make sure absolutely none of bud goes to waste, it has a chamber in the bottom that holds the excess valuable trichomes. It is sleek and stylish; the grinder comes in silver, gun metal grey and black and will look completely at home on your coffee table.

2. Stash Storage Jars

Moodtime Stash Storage Jars

Stash Jars are a must have when you are busy and get home or are out and about and you need something to take the edge off. You can prepare your stash in advance so all you need to do is open, take and smoke. These jars come in many materials, styles and shapes. Most come with threaded and rubber seals, which helps eliminate doors from escaping whilst keeping your weed or tobacco fresh and dry. It is the best way to preserve your weed. We have a variety available from a sleek aluminium stash jar to glass weed jars, airtight plastic jars and ever individual dube tubes, catering to those with both small and large amounts of weed and pre-rolled.

3. Hand Pipes

Hand Smoking Pipes

Every smoker needs a reliable hand pipe. The benefit of hand pipes is they are quick and easy, taking away the need of rolling a joint. All smokers will probably have had a hand pipe at some point, so go for quality to start with such as our silicone hand pipes or glass smoking pipes. Smoking pipes are great for the casual stoner, the type that likes to smoke a bit here and there and wants the process to be a quick, straightforward hit without any hassles.

4. Rolling Trays

Metal Rolling Tray Moodtime Smoking Accessories

If you enjoy the process of rolling your own joint then a flat sturdy area is important to any smoker. Imagine spending time rolling something only to have it roll or spill the content onto the ground. Our rolling trays come in many designs and textures. We have great pressed tin ones that feature weed and smoking related designs and have raised borders so nothing will slip off the edge of the tray.

5. Rolling Papers

Rolling papers and filter tips

If you do not own a smoking pipe or bong then rolling papers are a very necessary item... There are many sizes such as 1 ¼ or King size, prints and flavours to choose from when it comes to rolling papers. Flavours such as strawberry, grape and chocolate and always popular. Most are fully organic such as pure hemp rolling papers and unbleached rolling papers.

6. Filter Tips

Moodtime silicone filter tips

If you are rolling your own then a filter tip accessory used with rolling papers is very important, filter tips keep your dry weed or tobacco from going into your mouth while inhaling and also keeps the end dry and also helps when you get to the end of the rolling paper so you do not burn yourself while holding it and it guarantees you will not waste any weed since filter tips leave room between your fingers and the lit end of your rolled joint. Filter tips also cool your smoke slightly making for more pleasurable smoking. Filter tips are generally a foam type material which also catches excess tar and impurities, but there are also glass and silicone filter tips which are very popular as they are reusable.

7. Joint Rolling Machines

Joint Rolling Machine Cone Maker

Roll your own! We have a variety or quality rolling machines available in 1 ¼ and Kind sized (110mm). They come in plastic, acrylic or metal rollers making joint filling rolling fun, quick and easy. They will roll your perfect blunt or joint, some of them can also roll cones as well.

8. Gas Jet Lighters and Flip Top Lighters

Gas Jet Lighters and Flip Top Lights

I am sure you have all been there before, ready to enjoy your joint or pipe but can’t find something to light it with. Using cheap lighters or matches take away from the overall good vibes so invest in something really worthwhile. We stock a range of quality flip top and jet lighters both are re-fillable and will last for many years. These types of lighters are great as they are wind proof so it is easy to light your spoke outdoors as well. We will even gas or fill the lighter with some fuel before we ship it to you.

9. Incense Sticks

Moodtime Incense Sticks

If you are a weed smoker then you need to grab some incense as it does a wonderful job of masking the smell of the weed smoke straight away. All our incense is selected carefully as the scents do an excellent job of creating a calm chilling atmosphere and covering the smell of weed. They can also be used for meditation or to add ambience to the room giving you a feeling at peace and serenity. Our incense if made in India so is a quality product.

The Best Cannabis Smoking Accessories Collection From MoodTime

For all your essential weed smoking accessories and paraphernalia

Moodtime Cannabis Smoking Weed Leaf

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