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The Best Tail Butt Plugs To Try

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Ready to add a hot tail butt plug to your sex toy collection?

Moodtime Butt Plug Double Penetration

What is a Butt Plug?

You’ve probably already seen a butt plug if you’ve been to a sex toy shop online or in real life. Unlike a vibrator, which is designed to thrust and mimic sex, butt plugs stay in place. They’re there to help you get accustomed to anal play or just to provide a full feeling for people who enjoy it.

Butt plugs are distinguished by their shape. You’ll quickly notice that they have a flared design. This is intentionally created to make insertion smoother and to prevent the plug from being sucked into your rectum. Believe it or not, this does happen, always select a butt plug with some sort of flared bottom design to be safe.

Man with moodtime long tail butt plug

Butt Plugs vs. Tail Butt Plugs

With an ordinary standard butt plug, the style is designed to let you wear it around town or under your clothes unnoticed. This is one of the biggest benefits to standard anal butt plugs; how secretive they are. Walking around with a plug inserted creates friction and a sensation that some people really love or it prepares you for anal sex later.

A lot of people also choose butt plugs because they don’t get in the way during other sexual activities. For example, they’re easy to wear during sex allowing you to get that feeling of double penetration. You can find some of our top recommended butt plugs here. Tail butt plugs are the same as ordinary plugs, but with a tail attached to the end. Now, a tail butt plug without a detachable tail isn’t exactly discreet, although you may be able to fit some of the smaller tails under a skirt or dress but this style of tail butt plug is far cuter.

Lady with a pink moodtime rabbit butt plug tail

Types of Tail Butt Plugs

There are many different types of anal plug tails including fox tails with a long, bushy design, racoon tails with strips, long and thin cat tails, dog and puppy tails. You can also find fluffy rabbit tails and long horse (or pony) tails. While they most often come in natural colours, you can also find multi-coloured or unnatural coloured options. The fur on these products is typically synthetic and at MoodTime we care about nature and therefore only sell products that uses synthetic hair.

Butt Plug Materials

When it comes to sex toys, the material of the insertable portion of the product is important as quality matters when it comes to your most sensitive areas. Thankfully, at MoodTime we only buy from suppliers that use 100% body-safe materials. As mentioned earlier, a flared design is essential to avoid mishaps like the toy being lost up your bum. Since your anus is a sphincter, it’s critical that you don’t put items inside of it that can get lost. Even though the tail will provide some insurance against this mishap, a flared base toy is still the only acceptable type of butt plug out there. Here are a few butt plug materials to look for in your next plug: Silicone, Temperature-safe glass, Stainless steel, ABS plastic, TPU.

Wearing a pony tail and fox tail butt plug

Using These Anal Plugs Safely

Before you use your butt plug, check it for scratches, rough bits, or dents. If it’s smooth, you’re good to go. Just remember that the anus is very sensitive, so even a small imperfection can cause discomfort. Don’t forget to grab your water based lubricant.

Cleaning and Storage of your Butt Plug

Always sanitize your toy both before and after you use it. Store it in a safe area free from dust and debris. For the actual tail portion, you’ll need to look at the care instructions with your specific product. Most of the time, you’ll need to spot clean the tail rather than washing the whole thing. For more information, check out our guide on cleaning sex toys.

Assortment of fox tail butt plugs

Personal Lubricant Essential

Using lubricant for toys is always important, especially when they’re anal toys. Anal penetration requires much more lubricant than regular intercourse. The anus is much tighter, which causes more friction, and it doesn’t self-lubricate as the vagina does. This means you must apply plenty of lube to your anus and the toy, and potentially even pause a few times during anal play to add more. For more information, you can read our guide on the best lubes for sex toys.

Now for the important info, the actual sex toys!

The Fox Tail Butt Plug

This realistic Black or Brown Faux Fur option is made with stainless steel or silicone, a nonporous and easy-to-clean material. The plug comes in small, medium, and large with a large fluffy tail. The small version is a very good choice for people who are new to butt plugs. Another good choice is the Frisky Faux Fur Fox Tail or Arctic Fox look which comes in red or white fur. Water-based lubricants are recommended with these tail butt plugs.

Brown moodtime fox tail

The Cat Tail Butt Plug

If you want a cat tail plug that comes in many colours (black, white, pink, rainbow, and more), this sex toy is a good option. Its small size makes it a good choice for beginners. The silicone or steel base of the plug is smooth, easy to clean, and works with water based lubricant.

White mootime fox tail butt plug

The Horse (or Pony) Tail Butt Plug

The tail is made with synthetic blond hair that feels pleasantly soft or black rubber offering two very different sensations and looks. Another fun option for a horse tail is the Unicorn Rainbow Butt Plug. This plug is best used with water-based anal lubricant.

moodTime pony tail butt plug

The Bunny Tail Butt Plug

If you want something really cute and subtle for your first tail, these bunny tails are a good potential sex toy to add to your collection.

Silicone bunny rabbit tail butt plug sex toy

Ready to Play?

A tail butt plug is a quick and easy way to inject some adventure into your sex life. Whether you’re more interested in solo play or tantalizing a partner, these types of toys are a great choice. Remember to always use good lubricant with anal sex toys

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