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The Top 5 Sex Toys That Every Woman Should Own

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Ladies, treat yourselves with a Sex Toy

Why are adult sex toys good for you? Well for starters there will be no more bored nights when your man is away, satisfy yourself. Feeling frustrated then masturbation is also a great tool for stress relief and you will sleep better after an orgasm. They also make you orgasm quicker, which is also usually way more intense. Here is our top five sex toys you will need to have in your bedside draw.

Wireless Remote Control Egg

This is a small egg-shaped sex toy that comes with great vibration and with multiple frequency settings. The best wireless eggs that we have start at a very reasonable price, the egg run on 2 x AAA batteries, use the remote control to discreetly activate your egg and enjoy the feeling without anyone else knowing.

The Perfect Dildo

The size and shape of your dildo will depend on your personal needs, but you should find the perfect size that suits you. This should be a size that hits your G-spot and with enough girth to fill you just right. The texture of the dildo is also a big part of the choosing. All of our dildos feature suction cups on the bottom which is also great to stick them to many different surfaces for some hands-free fun. For the more adventurous we do also have dildos that vibrate.

Rabbit G Spot Vibrator

This is normally the first sex toys that come to mind when thinking of woman’s sex toys. The best feature of this sex toy it that is can be used to give you that coveted multiple G-spot orgasm.

The rabbit vibrator will always have two extensions; the larger will be inserted inside of your vagina, while the smaller extension will rest against your clit. The smaller extensions while historically looked like rabbit ears (thus the name) now come in many styles, such a butterfly, and dolphin and so on. This part generally vibrates, however there is may styles now available, some just vibrate, other vibrate and rotate and now some even vibrate and thrust.

Anal Plug

The great thing about an anal plug is the added sensations that it can create while masturbating. Anal plugs or butt plugs as they are commonly called come in many different shapes and sizes and are a great introduction into anal sex which will be at your own terms. Pop a butt plugs in during sex and you get that double penetration feeling that many women desire.

Ben Wa Kegel Balls

Originally this was not technically designed as a sex toy; it was originally intended as a great sex tool to tighten you up after child birth, through Kegel exercises. Ben Wa balls or Kegel Balls come in many different sizes and weights. The smaller the ball, the tighter you must hold them, thus the stronger your pelvic walls will become. The weight of the balls can also be a challenge because the weight makes you clamp on to it more. With the many new designs out they have now become a must have sex toy, some come with built in vibration and textured exteriors to bring added pleasure.

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