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Try Glass Sex Toys

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Reasons why you should invest in a glass sex toy

Moodtime Pink Heart Glass Dildo

Glass has so many uses in our lives. We look through it, we drink out of it, and some people wear it, we us glass every day! But you would be forgiven if it’s not the first material you think of when you think of adult sex toys. Glass can be dangerous when it breaks and anyone who’s ever had to sweep up the remnants of a vase they accidentally bumped into knows that.

That said, we’re not recommending you lube up and go to town with any random glass object that you fine lying around! However, we can recommend going to town and doing that with a high-quality glass sex toy purchased from us and guess what? we have a whole selection of adult glass toys here in our online store! Plus if you want it and we don’t have it then we will get if for you. So we use glass every day, it makes sense to spice up our sex lives and use glass made sex toys.

Selection of amazing moodtime glass dildos

There are a few different things worth knowing about glass toys. Firstly, we need to talk about safety. Glass sex toys are safe, glass dildos and butt plugs are made with a toughened Pyrex-type glass - meaning that they’re incredible durable and not going to break inside you. So, we can put that to rest! (That said, if you ever drop a glass toy on a hard floor (like tile) it’s probably best to retire it - even if you can’t see the cracks or chips, it’s definitely better safe than sorry.)

Another fact about glass toys and safety that it’s worth knowing: they’re non-porous, free from toxins and chemicals - so glass adult toys are very body safe. Because they’re non-porous, glass dildos don’t pick up any of the bacteria, odour or wear that some other material toys do. They’re super easy to clean too - you can stick them right in the dishwasher! For the record, MoodTime only stocks high-quality toys in all materials.

The best moodtime glass dildos

The most obvious thing about glass toys is that they’re extremely beautiful - I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that they’re basically works of art. And they’re made to last in a way that many other materials don’t. If you take care of your glass toy, you’ll have it forever. Then, you can pass it down as an extremely inappropriate, weird family heirloom, just joking!

One thing that many cast as a downside about glass toys is that being glass they’re are inflexible. While traditional materials tend to be more pliable, glass toys don’t move with the body in the same way. However, this has its upsides too - a firmer toy is better for stimulating your sweet spots directly, and if you like a rougher penetration glass toys are perfect. The main thing to remember with firm sex toys is use a lot of personal lubricant.

In terms of sensation, glass toys are generally the smoothest toys you’ll ever use, but they also come in a variety of textures. Bumps, ridges, nodules and even one shaped like a tentacle - all designed to please you whatever way you like. We even have one that vibrates!

Best selection of moodtime dildo sex toys

Another great feature of glass sex toys is that they are great for temperature play; soak them in hot water to make them warm to hot depending of your preference …. This gives them that hot hard cock penetration feeling, now who wouldn’t love that! Or feeling overtly hot, why not soak them in ice water or put them in the fridge and experience so cold sex play.

In conclusion: glass toys are body safe, long-lasting, beautiful and super satisfying.

What are you waiting for, check out our glass adult toy range now!

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