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What Makes a Great Sex Toy?

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Variety is the spice of life when it comes to Sex Toys

What Makes a Great Sex Toy?

While adult toys may have been pretty basic in the past, growing knowledge of and appreciation for different bodies and sexual pleasure has led to sex products becoming a multi-billion global industry that helps people around the world fulfil their sexual desires and fantasies. South Africa is no exception when it comes to the adult industry, so at MoodTime we are one of the best Suppliers of Sex Toys in South Africa. We have the most extensive and most competitively priced range of Sex Toys available in South Africa, so look no further. Remember if we don't have the toy you are looking for give us a Shout and we will try source it for you.

So, what makes a good, body-safe sex toy today that will please your sexual appetite? Read on to find out what makes a great Sex Toy.

Sex Toy Brand Reputation

Sex toys used to be a hidden pleasure so brand was not really a thing. Not only were they much harder to find, through discreet mail order or in sketchy adult shops, but once we got them, we kept them hidden away when not in use and did not talk about them. These days, things have changed a lot. Some people are proudly talking about their latest adult toys and displaying their sex products or sexual health products as they are sometimes called. More importantly, we are talking about them freely and we are judging them against others adult toys available! This has had a wonderful effect on the adult industry as sex toy manufacturers are continuously competing against each other to come us with fresh new designs.

In general, our sexual conversations have grown more public in recent years in person and on Social Media and along with that has been the rise of sex toy bloggers. Sex Products are reviewed on their performance, aesthetics, materials and more. There are many brands carried by MoodTime Online so we are sure you will find something you will enjoy.

Moodtime Kegel Balls

Body Safe Sex Toy Materials

One of the most valuable aspects that have come out due to the opening of sex toy conversation has been the drastic improvement in the materials used in them. So, when you are looking at sex toys, become aware of the materials they are made from. All our Sex Toys are sourced from reputable suppliers and all contain only body safe materials.

Here is a quick reference to adult toy materials:

Non-porous, body-safe materials: Silicone, stainless steel, glass, Pyrex, and ABS plastics, these are very easy to clean. Porous, body-safe materials: Jelly rubber, latex, PVC, TPR, TPE, extra care needs to be given when cleaning them, but if properly cleaned they are safe. Many Sex Toy companies have seen the need for body-safe products and have embraced these materials and practices.

Moodtime Glass Sex Toys

Accessible Sex Toys

Sex is an important part of life for many people and for far too long sex toys were all similarly shaped and functioned and did not cater for the diverse needs of people. The whole Sex Toy market has been vastly disrupted by understanding that there are more accessible options out there for everyone. For men there are toys that provide hands-free penis pleasure. There are unisex toys and toys in all sorts of shapes and designs, meaning there is an adult toy to suit everyone's needs.

Sex Toys for Every Body

Due to all the sex positivity around now day’s people are truly discovering their bodies. As we explore and expand our understandings of sex, sexuality and gender, our pleasure products must do the same thing. Dildos and Vibrators that look like penises and male strokers that look like pussies are not always sufficient. There is now all sorts of abstract and fantasy designs and colours to choose from and many have multi-functions and features which cater for both men and women and everyone in between.

Moodtime Sex Toys for Every Body

Sex-Tech and Functionality

Sex toy functionality used to be fairly limited to plain vibrations and manual shaft strokers; this is not the case anymore. Sex product invention and innovation is big business and is propelling sex toys forward at a pace unseen. Vibrators now rumble from tickle to intense with many frequency options and masturbation sleeves that tease with a multitude of different textures and vibration. Sex Toys now vibrate, rotate, thrust, stroke, light up, heat up, have wireless or Bluetooth controls and recharge.

Moodtime advanced top sex toys

Sex Toy Price

With the current economic climate price is a factor in pleasure. Sexual satisfaction and personal fulfilment are crucial life factors for many people; however, they may be limited in their sexual pleasure by cost considerations when it comes to shopping for sexual products. At MoodTime our mission is to offer the best adult products and Sex Toys at the best price in South Africa. We only buy from reputable suppliers, we buy in bulk and get the best discount available and since we are an Online Store we do not have any unnecessary costs added to our products so you know you will be getting the best price. Avoid mass shopping and auction sites where cheap products are tempting, but are often inferior and made of non-body-safe materials. Stick with the Sex Toy professionals like us!

What sexual pleasure is on your mind tonight? Check out our online store and find something that gets you in the mood!

Moodtime South Africa Best Adult Sex Toy Shop

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