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What NOT to Use on Your Precious Member

Lube Mishaps: The Hilariously Wrong Choices You Should Never Make!

What NOT to Use on Your Precious Member

Welcome, dear readers, to a comical exploration of the world of Personal Lubrication! We all know the importance of a good lube to enhance sexual pleasure and make our intimate experiences even more enjoyable. However, let's take a hilarious detour and discuss some outrageous options that should never be used as actual lubricants. Brace yourselves for a laughter-filled journey through the realm of forbidden lubes!

Unconventional Lubricants: The Surprising Slip-Ups

Vicks VapoRub: Ice Ice Member!

Remember those childhood memories of battling a nasty cold with the soothing scent of Vicks VapoRub? Well, here's a word of caution: this beloved remedy is not meant for below-the-belt application. While it might give your precious member a minty-fresh aroma, it can also cause unexpected discomfort. Let's reserve the Vicks for your congested nose and keep it far away from your nether regions!

Vicks VapoRub: Ice Ice Member!

Deep Heat: Your Dick is on Fire!

Looking to add a little spark to your intimate moments? Hold your horses, or should we say, hold the Deep Heat! This muscle and joint pain reliever might bring some sizzling sensations, but trust us, it's not the kind of heat you're after. And guy, we know most of you refer to your penis as your love muscle but believe us its not the kind Deep Heat is for! Save the Deep Heat for your post-workout soreness and stick to lubes designed specifically for pleasure. Your precious member will thank you for it!

Deep Heat: Your Dick is on Fire!

Toothpaste: Keep this on the end of your Toothbrush!

Ah, toothpaste—the epitome of minty freshness. But let's be clear, your oral hygiene routine should never cross paths with your intimate escapades. While toothpaste might give your sensitive areas a zesty kick and make it all minty fresh, it's definitely not recommended. Spare yourself from a foamy fiasco and leave the toothpaste for your pearly whites. Opt for a Lubricant that's actually designed for the job instead!

Toothpaste: Keep this on the end of your Toothbrush!

Olive Oil: Slippery Salad, Slippery Situation!

Ah, olive oil, the culinary delight that has no business in your bedroom. Sure, it's great for cooking up a storm in the kitchen, but when it comes to your intimate moments, keep that bottle of extra virgin goodness far, far away. Your nether regions deserve better than a slick salad dressing mishap. Let's reserve the olive oil for gourmet delights and seek out lubes made specifically for our intimate adventures.

Hot Sauce: Fiery Flavours, Fiery Failures!

They say spice adds excitement to life, but we're here to tell you that hot sauce and your manhood do not mix. While the thought of a sizzling experience might sound enticing, trust us when we say that the burning sensation is anything but pleasurable. Let the hot sauce work its magic on your favourite dishes, and keep your intimate moments free from fiery fiascos.

Super Glue: A Sticky Situation You'll Want to Avoid!

When it comes to achieving a firm grip, super glue may seem like a genius idea... until it isn't. We understand the desire for an unbreakable connection, but trust us, you don't want to be stuck together in ways that require an emergency room visit. Remember, intimacy should be an enjoyable experience, not an impromptu arts and crafts project. So, save the super glue for repairing broken knick-knacks and let your intimate encounters flow smoothly with the right lube.

WD-40: Unleash the Squeaky Clean Disasters!

WD-40, the magical spray that fixes all squeaks and releases stubborn bolts and screws. But here's the scoop: it's not meant for your most prized possession. Despite its lubricating properties, the chemicals in WD-40 are far from intimate-friendly. So, unless you're into emergency room visits and awkward explanations, it's best to keep this wonder spray far away from your intimate escapades. Stick to lubes made specifically for the task at hand, and leave WD-40 to tackle squeaky doors and rusty hinges.

Stick to quality personal lubes


While we've had a good laugh exploring the world of unconventional lubes, it's crucial to remember that your intimate health and safety should never be compromised. Stick to high-quality lubricants designed specifically for intimate use to ensure a safe, pleasurable, and comfortable experience. So, bid farewell to Vicks VapoRub, Deep Heat, toothpaste, and the produce aisle, and welcome the lubes that are here in our Online Store to make your intimate moments truly sensational. Keep the laughter flowing, but keep the lubes appropriate!

Disclaimer: This blog post is purely for comedic entertainment purposes.

Personal Lubrication is very important as it adds to sexual pleasure

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