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What To Look For When Shopping For Glass Smoking Pipes

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Quality Cannabis Smoking Accessories, Durban South Africa

When it comes to smoking your favourite weed strain, nothing beats a nice stylish glass smoking pipe. The right glass pipe will give you the cleanest and smoothest hit. When it comes to choosing the right one, it's important to know what details that contribute to the best quality. Remember not every glass pipe is created equal! Maybe you’re using it for medical purposes or perhaps purely recreationally. Either way, it’s an item you’re planning to use often and it will affect your general quality of life so it’s important to really know what you're getting. After all you want something that is quality, easy to use and makes you look good while using it.

Silicone and glass smoking bong pipe

The Beauty of Borosilicate Glass Smoking Pipes and Accessories

Borosilicate is used in most glass pipe designs for its heat resistance and strength. The first and possibly the most important factor is durability. Glass breaks, a glass pipe made from flimsy, thin glass with visible flaws and thin joints is going to cause you problems, we only offer high quality glass. Borosilicate glass has a high silica and quartz content. Borosilicate won't interfere with the taste of the hit either, delivering the cleanest taste from your stash.

The thickness of the glass matters too. It's good to be sure that the glass around the pipe is not just thick but evenly distributed. Glass that is blown (versus glass from a production line) is usually thicker. Glass that contains art may have varying levels of thickness in some places but as long as the pipe as a whole is thick and generally even in glass distribution this is fine.

Plain glass weed smoking bong pipe

Having checked all this, it’s time to think about design. If the look of your pipe is important, you might want to consider that some glass blowers may not use borosilicate or quartz but they still use high quality glass at a thickness level that will make your pipe durable, this is still fine. Some glass pipes and bongs come with parts covered or made of silicone, these are very popular at the moment as offers that added element of design and strength.

It's important to choose a pipe that will cater to your needs so if you can get a smoking pipe now that suits all your needs, you can look forward to frequent use over the years.

At MoodTime we have done the hard work and sourced a select range of quality smoking and 420 related accessories.

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