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Who Uses Penis Extensions And Why?

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

The Best Penis Extender Sleeves For Length And Girth

The Best Penis Sleeves and Cock Extenders

Some people think that penis extender sleeves are only for those that are insecure about their penis size. This is far from the truth because this adult product can actually be used in all sorts of different ways and are created to enhance your sexual experience with your partner, no matter the size of your penis.

What Is A Penis Extension or Penis Sleeve?

A penis extension is a product that sits over the top of the penis to create a longer length, wider girth, or both during sexual activities. Penis extenders, cock sheaths, penis sleeves and hollow strap on dildos all fall into this sex toy category and each one has a slightly different use but ultimately they all slip over the penis much like a condom does, to add girth, length and in some cases texture too, oh and did we mention staying power. They keep your penis from getting too sensitive allowing you to go at it all night long.

Clear Cock Sleeve Penis Extender From Moodtime

So let’s have a look at what penis extender sleeves can be used for and who can use them.

1. Couples looking for extra sensation for the recipient

You can find many penis sleeve styles with bumps, ridges, beads or nubs along the shaft which add extra stimulation to the receiver during sex. These textures add extra stimulation along with the extra surface area of the penis sleeve so you receive more sensation. The female g-spot or the male p-spot can be more easily targeted too with this type of sex toy so there is a higher chance of orgasm for the receiver and a more intense orgasm. Make sure you use a lot of personal lubricant with any textured extenders to make the experience even more pleasurable.

2. Wearers wanting to prolong sex play by delaying ejaculation

Penis extenders are a natural desensitizer because they are worn over the penis and are much thicker than a normal condom so they will reduce the wearer’s sensitivity and allow him to go on for much longer without reaching orgasm. This is perfect for those that experience premature ejaculation or for people that just want to last longer or ensure that their partner orgasms first. With some sleeves you will still experience some sensation as the sleeve will create pressure around your penis, but to reach orgasm you may need to remove the sleeve entirely. There are also some extender sleeves which come with bullet vibration eggs, giving both partners added sensations.

Flesh Colored Penis Extender from Moodtime

3. Penis extenders are great for those wanting to play around with size

Penis extenders are a great way to extend the size of your penis temporarily. You can add girth, and you can also add a lot of length too. If you are adding length, ensure you get a sleeve that has a ball loop to keep it in place and stop it from drooping at the end due to the weight of the extension. With a penis extender, you can play out your size fantasies or deal with any concerns you may have about your size. It’s the perfect temporary solution.

4. They allow those with erectile difficulties to enjoy partnered sex

Using a cock sleeve or hollow strap-on dildo will allow you to penetrate your partner even if your penis is flaccid, so you can always be in the mood. Look out for a sleeve or hollow strap-on dildo that has a firm interior channel to maintain its rigidity, and one that attaches to the body via a ball loop or harness so that it stays in place.

Hollow Strap on Dildo from Moodtime

5. Buzz things up with a vibrating cock sleeve

If you get a sleeve or hollow dildo that vibrates, then you are basically turning your body into a vibrator. Having a vibrating portion on your extender will benefit both the wearer and the receiver. Vibration will increase the blood flow into the penis allowing you to feel more sensation while you wear the sleeve, but it can also stimulate the body of the receiver too. Vaginally, on the clitoris, on the perineum or inside the anus depending on whom you are playing with and where on the body you are penetrating.

6. Cock Sleeves can also be used to spice up a dildo or vibrator

Penis extensions are also an awesome way to change the texture or size of one of your dildos or vibrators. It’s a lot cheaper than buying a new toy entirely! You can slide a sleeve onto a toy to add texture, change the girth or length and even to make it softer and squishier for a whole new sensation.

Wearing Penis Sleeve With Ball Loop Over Cock

As you can see penis extension sleeves are one of the best sex toys available as they offer so many benefits. Some more benefits that you can also consider:

If you have a close-ended sleeve, one that completely covers your penis, so long as you use lubricant inside the sleeve, you will be able to create suction when you put the sleeve on which can feel pretty good for a lot of people. Sleeves also create pressure, which will be increased when you penetrate your partner and the thinner the sleeve, the more sensation you will experience.

If you still want to be able to feel a lot of stroking pleasure, then look out for a sleeve that has an open end in which the head of the penis will sit outside of so you can still easily reach orgasm with this kind of sleeve as you will still get a lot of sensation during penetration.

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