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Willy Warmer - Keep The Chap Warm This Winter

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Keep your penis warm and ready for action

Cock in Willy Warmer

With news of climate change, who know we might see freezing temperatures this winter! Maybe it’s time that you made like the smart men across Europe and invested in the latest fashion accessory. What is it? Well, it’s basically a sock shaped warmer for your penis. Yes, seriously it’s a Willy Warmer!

Will Warmer Cock Pouch

If you ever want to question your girlfriend’s devotion to you, ask her to buy you (or, better yet, knit you) a Willy Warmer. If she agrees, chances are you have a keeper on your hands. You’ll also have a Warm Willy, so clearly it's a win-win situation.

Will Warmer Penis Pouch

In Ye’ olden days wives believed keeping their man’s private parts warm allowed him to remain fertile and increased their chance of having children, so this is where the concept of the willy warmer came from. Nowadays they are more a gag gift or a kinky piece of clothing to add to foreplay and excitement, or use it for shock factor at an adult party or stag do. Or if you are an exhibitionist why not use it around the house or as a swim suit!

So avoid any "hey, it's cold out..." excuses and get your hands on a Willy Warmer today. They're clearly functional, stylish and great for flirting - what more could you want?

Willy Warmer Gag Gift

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